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About Ergo Bedroom



Your Comfort Consultant

Our staff offers the highest level of product knowledge and service to ensure that your shopping experience is both pleasant and educational. We provide you with the information needed to make an educated decision when choosing a comfort and sleep solution.

Ergo Sleep Specialist

The sleep specialists at Ergo Bedroom share a common goal of helping those in pursuit of a more comfortable, stress-free life. Ergo Sleep Specialists are highly educated in the benefits of better sleep and the unique products offered at Ergo. A consultation with your Sleep Specialist is relaxing and educational, while we guide you through the sometimes daunting process of finding your perfect bed. This comfortable relationship helps make selecting your new bed a positive experience you will never forget. No other comfort store can compare to the distinctiveness or expertise of Ergo Bedroom.


Innovation and Advanced Sleep Solutions

When visiting our showroom you will be introduced to the most innovative comfort and sleep solutions from around the world. Some of the most advanced products have originated in Europe. However, most retail furniture stores only carry products made in the U.S. Ergo has gone through great lengths to research, select and import the best products from around the globe so our customers can have the latest comfort technologies available.

At Ergo Bedroom we provide complete solutions...

Each bedding and seating product can be tailored to your individual sleeping or sitting posture. Come visit our showroom and let us customize a solution for you. Our expert staff will guide you through the different sleep and seating options available for your personal needs.

Ergo Bedroom's Background

Michael Nermon founded Ergo Customized Comfort in 1999 after developing and manufacturing Power Bed technologies at Maxwell and Leggett & Platt for over 20 years. With extensive experience in manufacturing sleep products, Michael has worked with bedding companies in over 33 countries. His wide range of exposure has given him insight into the benefits and advantages of advanced sleep products that customers are enjoying throughout the world.  In August of 2011 Michael brought all of his experience both in manufacturing and retail to the prestigious Las Vegas Design Center to serve both the design trade and the public.  Introducing to the Las Vegas marketplace the benefits of the best in sleep options from around the world.