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Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Memory foam’s temperature sensitive material has the ability to conform to your body while lying on it, but returns to its original shape once left alone. It adjusts to your individual temperature and position providing customized support for your body shape. By contouring to your unique physique, memory foam relieves pressure on key parts of your body including your hips and shoulders.

Tempur® Material – Tempur Pedic’s® patented technology.

Tempur® material was originally created by NASA to relieve some of the pressure astronauts experience during lift-off. What they ended up creating was a breathable, temperature-sensitive, viscoelastic substance. Due to its unique cellular structure the material becomes softer when warmer and remains firm when cooler. Tempur® material can therefore change and shift based on a person’s body temperature and contour creating an excellent environment for a sleep solution that can adjust to each individual person. Ergo Bedroom offers every Tempur-Pedic® product. For more information regarding the benefits of Tempur® material read about Ergo’s Tempur-Pedic® sleep solutions.

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