The Hand Made Mattress

Aireloom Beds



For over 10 years, today’s conventional mattresses – pillowtop, eurotop, etc. – have been made the same. They can talk about this spring or that material – but the reality is they are all made the same way.

Known for its quality, Aireloom® soon became a favorite of the rich and famous – from Presidents to Movie Stars. The story goes, when Ronald Reagan entered the White House, every bedroom was prepared with an Aireloom® mattress. The Aireloom® line was only carried by the finest furniture and department stores, and exclusive home decorators would only place an Aireloom® in their most discriminating client’s bedrooms.

For over 40 years, Aireloom® reigned as the hallmark of bedding luxury. In 1990, Mr. Karpen passed away and the company was subsequently sold to the previous ownership.



We spend 1/3 of our lives on a mattress. So, HOW we spend it becomes incredibly important.

The Aireloom mattress is the best because of:

1. THE UNIQUE DESIGN PROCESS - each mattress is thoughtfully and carefully created by Earl Kluft and his design team. Each bed is checked for comfort, support, pressure relief, and durability.

2. THE FINEST RAW MATERIALS - certifications provide a hallmark which assures consumers that a product adheres to strict requirements for quality and safety.

3. EXPERIENCED ARTISANS AND CRAFTSMEN - averaging 15 years of professional experience.

4. AIRELOOM 40 YEAR HISTORY - has defined the “handcrafted luxury mattress.” Always known for its
quality, Aireloom was and is a favorite of the rich and famous – from Presidents to Movie Stars.

5. ATTENTION TO DETAIL - fine tailoring enhances the beauty and functionality of each mattress.

6. PATENTED, SUPERIOR DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY - has created a more STABILIZED mattress and foundation. Meaning a healthier sleep. See info on Aireloom patent.

7. A BETTER WAY TO BUILD A MATTRESS - The result is: the mattress is allowed to function properly (adapt and react as needed) AND the body is allowed to RELAX . Thus, a restful, healthier sleep.

Since we each spend an average of 3,000 hours a year in bed... the question should be... how do we want to spend these important hours?