Choosing the Right Bed

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Choosing the Right Bed


You spend one-third of your life in bed, and the quality of your sleep can affect every aspect of your life. For the best sleep possible, you need to choose a bed that is customizable to your unique body and sleeping posture.

Firmness does not equate to better support…

Most people believe firmness is the most important aspect in choosing a bed, but in reality more people are hurting from a bed being too hard rather than too soft. Softness and cushioning are necessary to relieve your pressure points. Bodies have curves so your sleeping solution needs to be able to adapt to these curves. In a well-designed mattress, firmness or softness is just personal preference and has little bearing on the overall support dynamic.

What to look for in a bed…

The best bed is one that will reduce pressure, enhance support and provide proper spinal alignment. The shoulders, hips, and spinal column are correctly supported when your sleeping posture is in proper balance. Every man and woman has a unique body shape and thus uses a different sleeping posture. Your sleep solution needs to be able to adapt to your unique physiology and comfort sensitivities. At Ergo Beds we specialize in sleep solutions that can address these needs.

Finding the Right Mattress

At Ergo Customized Comfort we recommend taking the following steps when shopping for a mattress to ensure that you find the sleep solution that is right for you:

- Allow enough time to properly test mattresses (min. 1 hr/store)
- When testing simulate the sleeping posture you use at home
- Wear comfortable clothing that will not inhibit the experience
- Shop at least 3 places that specialize in mattresses
- Shop in a comfortable, low pressure environment