Why it Matters!

Why it Matters!

Does a Good Night’s Sleep Depend
on What’s in Your Mattress?

Where do you find the truth in advertising?

Getting a good night’s sleep is hard work. Your caffeine intake, daily routine and ability to handle stress all contribute to sweet dreams – or a restless night. But your mattress also plays an important role and knowing what’s in your mattress and how it affects healthy sleep is equally important. 

If you’re chasing a bullet-proof sleep solution, it’s time to learn how the components of your mattress contribute. Latex can be natural or manmade (refers to whether it’s harvested or manufactured) but it can also be convoluted or Talalay (refers to the processing). To make things more complicated, there can be combinations of all these variables, which make it virtually impossible to compare between brands. 

Inner spring mattresses are equally confusing with the number or springs, quality of the steel and pocket encasement – or not. Nothing about mattress shopping is simple…

Making mattress shopping less confusing

At Ergo, we work with manufacturers that support transparency in advertising. Michael Nermon, President of Ergo is the vice-chairman of the Specialty Sleep Association(SSA). The SSA, a volunteer association of mattress manufacturers and retailers, provides consumers with information to improve informed mattress buying decisions. Reading through the site will help you understand what to look for in a mattress – before you begin shopping.

Earlier this year, the SSA released a mattress labelling system that makes it easier to understand the environmental differences of the components that make up a mattress. The labeling system, which has three unique levels has been voluntarily adopted by all the manufacturers involved.

Have you ever thought about what’s under in your mattress and how it contributes to healthy sleep? If you’re curious how the SSA can help you find answers that lead to your best sleep solution, visit their “How to Choose a New Mattress,” page. Buying a new bed is no different than buying a new car or a new cell phone – there’s a learning curve attached.

If you want to see the SSA labels in real life, visit our retail spaces in Laguna Niguel & Newport Beach, CA or our showroom at the Las Vegas Design Center. At Ergo Customized Comfort, we’re here to help.

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