Healthy Sleep and Furniture

Healthy Sleep

Healthy Furniture

At Ergo Customized Comfort we only select products that meet our high standards of comfort and pressure relief. In order to ensure we continually meet these standards, we’ve determined 4 requirements a “healthy” bedding or seating product must address in order to be considered supportive furniture. These requirements include: comfort, body alignment, pressure & circulation, and humidity & heart rate.

Comfort and Sleep

For years people believed that the most important factor to a healthy mattress was firmness. This led people to buy mattresses that were not very flexible. The truth is that firmness is a subjective choice based on personal preference. As long as your mattress properly supports your body and provides pressure relief your sleep solution can be as soft or as hard as you choose.

In fact, if you prefer a softer feel, a bed that is too firm will actually prevent you from sleeping. Every Ergo bed product provides the proper amount of support, but also offers multiple options for firmness to accommodate an individual’s comfort level. We also offer solutions for sleeping partners that allow both sides of the bed to have varying levels of firmness.

Body Alignment

Proper Body Alignment is Essential

Proper body alignment while sleeping is necessary to allow your body to recuperate from the stress it has been under throughout the day. Your body is in alignment when the spine is able to lie in the correct position: straight when lying on your side, in a natural S shape when lying on your back. This allows your back discs to recover from the strain they have been under by regaining the moisture that they lose during the day. As your spinal column recuperates, the muscles in your legs also relax and the blood vessels are able to deliver the best possible blood circulation.

The Correct Sleeping Position

The correct position for perfect alignment is based on an individual’s weight, shape, and sleeping position. Therefore, a sleep solution that is not customizable to an individual’s body is not providing proper alignment. Without the ability to position yourself correctly you may overcompensate by twisting your body in strange positions leading to more serious conditions. This can lead to chronic back pain, neck pain, and restless sleep among other things.

Our seating and sleep solutions:

    -Adjust to each person's contour.
    -Respond to shifts in weight and body shape.
    -Distribute weight and pressure evenly.
    -Maintain the form to keep the body and spine in alignment.

Pressure Circulation

Most mattresses do not take into consideration pressure on key points of your body that are most affected during sleep, mainly the shoulder and hip. The most comfortable sleep position exists when your body is in the neutral position. This occurs when opposite muscle groups are relaxed: knees bent, elbows bent, and torso bent. With most mattresses this position is only attainable by lying on your side.

On a regular mattress lying on your side puts seven times the amount of pressure on your shoulder and hip than when lying on your back. This often leads to sore shoulders and hips and uncomfortable sleeping conditions. This increased pressure also impairs circulation, disrupts cellular respiration and also causes faster heart rate and higher blood pressure resulting in restless sleep. Constant tossing and turning leads to fragmented sleep and may prevent you from enjoying the deep, restful, restorative sleep that you deserve.

At Ergo all our products take into consideration pressure relief by facilitating natural sleep positions. Our bedding and seating solutions are designed to relieve pressure from these points on your body to maximize your sleeping comfort.

Humidity Heart Rate

The material your sleep solution is made of has a great impact on the quality of your sleep. During the night your metabolism causes you to perspire. This perspiration is released as water vapor causing moisture in the air. Certain synthetic bedding and poly-fill materials will trap and hold this moisture in your mattress inhibiting air circulation.

Synthetic Material Affects Your Heart Rate

Without proper air circulation your nighttime temperature will rise and moisture buildup will increase elevating your heart rate, blood pressure, and causing shallower sleep. At times you may wake up in a sweat or wake up feeling tired because your heart was not resting while you were sleeping.

Synthetic Material Affects Your Breathing

Since synthetic materials produce a lot of moisture and take a long time to dry they provide the perfect environment for molds, mildew and dust mites. This can affect your breathing, especially for people with allergies.

Ergo's Solution: All Natural Fibers

At Ergo we only use natural fibers in many of our sleep solutions and accessories. These materials allow for proper air circulation and are hypoallergenic for customers sensitive to certain fabrics. Read more about the following Ergo products that feature a minimal amount of synthetic material: Silhouette®, Aireloom®