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The ergonomic slat technology was invented in Switzerland over 50 years ago and is the primary foundation for beds in Europe. However; very few U.S. mattress manufacturers have incorporated this technology in to their product designs. Since the unique components are manufactured in Europe, access is limited to most mattress manufacturers. Benefits of the Ergo Foundation With its flexible, responsive slat supports, the Ergo system provides an ergonomic foundation for your mattress. Due to the flexible nature of this technology, the slats give and rotate in response to the shifting planes of your body. Your support settings can be modified at any time to accommodate changing needs or comfort preferences. The Ergo system also improves air circulation through the mattress, enhancing your nighttime comfort. At Ergo Beds we can custom tailor a slat suspension system for you using our Ergo Comfort computer system. The Ergo Foundation is available with our Silhouette® and Latex Bliss® sleep solutions as well as our ErgoBed™ Mattresses.