Sleep Technology


Sleep Technology

One of the most common misconceptions when buying a mattress is that firmness is the most important factor. In reality, firmness is a subjective choice based on a customer's personal preference. What is truly important when choosing a bed is comfort, pressure relief and alignment. New sleep technologies today have been developed to incorporate these key elements of healthy sleep into your bedding solution.

At Ergo Customized Comfort we offer the latest in sleep technologies so that you get the best sleep possible. Current technologies include:


Ergo Comfort has selected products that use only the highest quality natural latex.  Latex has been recognized around the world for providing great support, pressure relief, and durability.  Click Here for more info on Latex.

Pocket Springs

Utilizing individually encased coils creates a more responsive mattress.  Pocket springs are the only type of coils utilized by the mattresses Ergo Comfort offers. Click Here for more info on Pocket Springs.

Memory Foam

Memory foam’s temperature sensitive material has the ability to conform to your body while lying on it, but returns to its original shape once left alone. It adjusts to your individual temperature and position providing customized support for your body shape. By contouring to your unique physique, memory foam relieves pressure on key parts of your body including your hips and shoulders. Click Here to find out more about Memory Foam.


Ask us about Tempur-Pedic



The concept behind the air mattress is the ability to adjust the firmness of a bed at the push of a button. However, firmness does not always relate to your comfort or support. The problem with the air mattress is that it does not address the key issues of comfort, pressure relief, and alignment necessary in a healthy sleep solution. As you release air out of an air mattress the mattress loses its layer of support causing the mattress to curve. A common misconception is that an air bed is going to contour to your body, but in reality air does little to provide the proper amount of support for your body.

Benefit of Air

The benefit of air technology is the ability to adjust firmness with the touch of a button, often couples find selecting their own firmness comfort appealing.  At Ergo Comfort  the majority of our mattress lines are available in dual firmness's without the potential maintenance problems that air beds can be subject to, while providing superior alignment, great pressure relief and support.

Power Beds

Power beds, otherwise known as adjustable beds, add another dimension to your bedroom environment and sleeping comfort. One obvious benefit is the ability to sit up in bed to read, eat, or watch television, however adjustable beds also help improve sleep. The ability to elevate your legs relieves back pressure, as well as improves circulation. Allowing your body to rest in a contour, or “fetal” position, the adjustable bed reduces the need to sleep on your side, eliminating the added pressure that comes with side-sleeping. Certain physical conditions can also be alleviated with adjustable beds, such as acid reflux or gerd.

A common concern with adjustable beds is that they resemble hospital beds. However, Ergo features adjustable bed designs that look like a luxury box spring. Also virtually all of our mattress manufacturers off  mattresses compatible with a power base.  Our adjustable bases come in all sizes and fit nicely into most bed frames or furniture surrounds. New technologies also provide whisper-quiet motors for adjusting positions.

Ergo Comfort offers state-of-the-art power beds in a range of styles and sizes. All Ergo power beds have a 10-20 year warranty. For more information please read about Ergo's power bed solutions.