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-3D deformation

-Pressure Relief

-Enjoyable Cool Feeling

-Ergonomic Support

-Hypo-allergenic and Ordorless

-Textile Covers (for pillows)

A restful sleep has positive effects on your mind and body and it determines the quality of your daily performance. Better nights mean better days. Your mattress and pillow should be able to adapt to your body conformation and offer the best comfort ever. Recharge your energies with high quality products, such as the Technogel® Mattresses and Pillows.

Our products, made in Italy with special care and attention to details, use Technogel®, a high technological and innovative gel material, to guarantee the ultimate rest experience. Technogel® is also widely used in sport and cycling components, such as Fi’zi:k and Selle Royal bicycle saddles and handle bar tape. 

3D deformation

Technogel® is the only material combining the memory shape of a solid with the physical properties of a liquid. While foam and other traditional materials used in bedding products move only vertically, Technogel ® deforms in all directions, gradually adapting to each body shape and weight. This unique property, called the “3D deformation”, makes Technogel ® the perfect material for comfort solutions.

Pressure Relief

Thanks to its slow memory return properties, Technogel ® is an extraordinary pressure relieving material, that helps to reduce pain and discomfort, improving blood circulation and skin tissue oxygenation.

Enjoyable Cool Feeling

Technogel ® thermal capability favors heat dispersion, helping to lower skin temperature and offering a pleasant refreshing feeling all night long.

Ergonomic Support

The Technogel ® pillows are designed to grant excellent ergonomics, perfect head and neck support, an optimum spine alignment.

Hypo-allergenic and Odorless

Technogel ®, its protection film (both bio-compatible under ISO 10993-5-1-10 regulations), and all the textile used (certified under rigorous Oeko Tex standards) are hypo-allergenic, odorless, and guarantee an hygienic surface to rest your head. 

Textile Covers (for pillows)

Original protective jersey covers are characterized by high quality and hygenic characteristics, as well as for the Sanitized ® specific hygienic treatment . The external washable “winter” cover, provides a fantastic feel and helps reducing the “cooling effect” in the colder months of the year.


Technogel® is a unique “soft solid” material, combining together 3D deformation properties of a fluid and memory shape properties of a solid body. It is a completely non-toxic and stable polyurethane substance originally developed for medical purposes and currently used in a wide range of applications, which benefit from the comfort and added value it provides.


Technogel® is produced using an exclusive formula patented by Bayer Material Science, which is based in Germany. A worldwide exclusive license agreement, signed between Bayer and Royal Medica, allows the Technogel® company to manufacture, use, and commercialize – on an exclusive basis – the only polyurethane gel made without using oils or platicizers. In fact, other soft-solid materials (i.e. silicon) are usually manufactured adding oil (often called “plasticizer”) to make a powder or a soft mass, rendering it soft. The outcome compound does not have chemical stability, which allows it to resist to compressions, frictions, aging, or high temperatures. Instead, Technogel® structure is stable due to its special molecule, which provides incredible stability and unique mechanical properties.


Technogel® is covered by a thin polyurethane film, which allows the naturally sticky Technogel surface to lose its adhesive properties. The protection film (bio-compatible under ISO 10993-5-1-10 Regulations), as all the textile used to cover Technogel®’s products (certified under rigorous Oeko Tex standards), are hypo-allergenic and provide an hygienic surface to lie on.


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There are other gels on the market, but Technogel® is clearly distinct from every other one. So-called “gel” products are not Technogel®. Why? Here follow 4 simple ways to differentiate Technogel® from these other gels.

•           These so-called gels are made combining a blue powder with a visco-elastic foam, which does not provide the Technogel® soft-solid 3-dimensional displacement. In other words, the material moves in every direction like water, keeping the shape memory as a solid body.

•           These other gels are molded with a honeycomb structure, using hard, but elastic compact materials, which don’t deform, but simply collapses under weight. This system basically works ON/OFF (the material collapses 100% of the time or not at all). Hence, it does not provide the modular adaptation quality of Technogel®.

•           Thin layers of flat “so-called” gels are thin to work providing a soft adapting support. Being solid, gel needs to be quite thick to function in the correct manner, which is to move and adapt to a body’s contours. The Technogel® materials in our product have been designed and ergonomically tested to ensure added value and “real deformability” to our supports for sleeping.

•           Flat gels poured in convoluted foams offer an uneven surface to support the body (areas of gel are combined with areas of foam with different mechanical properties). The mix of foam and gel avoid gel lateral movements. The “tower” geometry of the Technogel® surface, instead, has been carefully studied to provide the maximum degree of freedom for lateral displacement, while constantly maintaining an even surface.


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