Helping thousands of homeless refugees following natural disasters in their home countries

Ergo's Contribution - World Bed

About the World Bed



Ergo donates one World Bed to fellow humans in need with every mattress purchased - no matter what size, shape, or price.

Critically important to a population of displaced individuals than finding comfort and the potential for a better night’s sleep. Left in the aftermath of the tragic earthquake in Port-au-Prince, millions of desperate Haitians are still sleeping on the ground. WorldBed is committed to providing assistance, in the form of a Emergency Field Bed that supplies much needed comfort, increased levels of health and safety, and a more sanitary place to increase the recovery process for the injured.

The WorldBed is designed to match the needs of those who use it. Built with high-quality 3-inch foam, medical grade cover material, this comfortable Emergency Field Bed can be easily rolled, secured, and carried when relocation is necessary. Unique to this particular version of the WorldBed is its moisture-resistant cover, created in response to Haiti’s rainy season. An expedited response is absolutely critical, that is why WorldBeds come in compressed packaging, can be distributed in volume, and are quickly shipped to wherever they are most needed.

Not only is sleep nature’s best remedy for stress and exhaustion, it also facilitates strength, clarity, and increased immunity, all desperately needed during the relief and recovery process in Haiti.